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Diversity & Inclusion

We seek to promote a supportive and enriching climate that allows all members to thrive and succeed. By providing a comprehensive approach to diversity and inclusion, to provide access and equity to all members. Through strategic planning and programmatic development, we hope to empower cadets and seniors to build a diverse and inclusive culture.

Our VISION is to recognize that the pursuit of excellence intersects with a commitment to diversity, in all aspects of life. We seek to create a value‐added program with a consistent, positive, professional team‐oriented approach. By embracing diversity and thereby helping to transform into a more inclusive environment that values and respects all members into a place where all will thrive and grow.

The CAP CORE VALUES naturally aligns with a robust, deliberate focus on diversity and inclusion. American society is intrinsically diverse, and the communities we live in and service reflect this diversity. We aim to reflect the value of INTEGRITY by supporting our organization in acting with conviction and moral uprightness in recruiting and retaining diverse membership. We believe our commitment to VOLUNTEER SERVICE calls on us to include and empower members that add dimension, depth, and breadth to our capabilities and core missions, and that providing for the welfare of others is enhanced by the empathy and understanding inclusion builds into our organization. EXCELLENCE calls on us to go beyond “good enough” and set an example for other organizations while living up to our sacred public trust. RESPECT calls on us most clearly in this regard. We are challenged to view each other as fundamentally worthy. We seek to support our leadership and members in living up to the spirit of these values while enhancing the reputation of the Civil Air Patrol.


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"Embracing that people are wired differently and approach problems differently is healthy. It’s called diversity – thought diversity." 

Maj Gen. Mark Smith CAP

Former Civil Air Patrol National Commander 

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