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About GLR-IL-329

Who We Are

As our squadron name indicates we are a composite squadron. The designation of squadron type is a function of the Civil Air Patrol programs being administered and is directly related to the number and type of members in the squadron.

As a composite squadron, we administer both the Senior Member Professional Development Program as well as the Cadet Program at the local level.

Our senior members are involved in many different occupations; aviation, business administration, law enforcement, and more. For many, their expertise in their fields can be both directly and indirectly applicable to what we do in Civil Air Patrol. Many senior members receive training in various emergency services such as communications and air and ground search and participate in training exercises as well as actual search missions. Others who care not to participate in emergency services assist the squadron administratively or assist with the cadet program.

Our cadets, through the Cadet Program, receive training in leadership, aerospace education, and physical fitness. They also participate in a multitude of activities on both a local and a national scale, including flight encampments, drill competitions, and color guard competitions.

Many of our former cadets, inspired by their participation in Civil Air Patrol have gone on to careers in aeronautical engineering, military, and commercial aviation. Some of those cadets are now senior members in our squadron passing on what they know to our current cadets.

Where We Fit In

A squadron is typically the lowest command element in the Civil Air Patrol’s hierarchy. Levels of command higher in the hierarchy in order are the Unit, GroupWingRegion, and National. The Lewis Composite Squadron is in Group 2. Group 2 is in Illinois Wing. Illinois Wing is in the Great Lakes Region. The Great Lakes Region is one of eight regions in the Civil Air Patrol National Organization.

Our Name

Our namesake comes from our host Lewis University to give our thanks to their many contributions to our Squadron. Our unit charter number is GLR-IL-329, with GLR representing Great Lakes Region, and IL representing Illinois Wing. 

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